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About SLIET Alumni Association

Established in 2015, SLIET Alumni Association creates and maintains a lifelong connection between the institute and its alumni. In collaboration with an extremely dedicated volunteer board of directors, the Alumni association works to connect alumni, support students and build an unforgettable experience through a diversity of events, programming and services. The association aims to encourage the alumni to take an abiding interest in the progress and development of the institute. Since its establishment, the association has grown from strength to strength, regularly undertaking several initiatives to promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the alumni and Alma Mater.

Vision and Priorities

The mission of the association is to foster strong bong between alumni, students and the institute, to keep alumni informed, and create a network enabling them to remain engaged with their Alma Mater and help shape its future through the Association’s programmes and services.

Become a life member

Anyone who has completed one academic year as a student of SLIET is eligible for life membership.

Involvement and Services

Developing an active and engaged alumni network empowers both the institute and its graduates. The Alumni association continues to seek innovative ways to serve alumni by providing social, educational, and professional opportunities that appeal to our broad constituency. Our alumni association offers:-

  • Alumni career and networking services.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Student alumni contact.
  • Ongoing benefits.
  • Events and reunions.
  • Geo graphically alumni chapters.
  • Travel
  • Replenish
  • Support your hostel.
  • Support your country.
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    Here is the SAA mission statement
    1. Serve as outward facing window from the institute to the Alumni
      1. Act as primary interface from the institute to alumni – at – large.
      2. Authorize alumni access to campus facilities.
      3. Administer distinguished alumnus award program
    2. Serve the student community.
      1. Administer scholarship and awards.
      2. Facilitate Student mentoring by alumni
      3. Alumni funds towards student travel, facilities, projects.
      4. Enroll students into the database.
      5. Maintain and grow database
      6. Provide database access as needed basis.
    3. Institute related fund raising activities.
      1. Strategy about fund raising and co-ordinate its activities.
      2. Report to institute and back to donor regarding status of funded projects.
    4. Serve the alumni community.
      1. Support networking activities and events, such as reunions.
      2. Support alumni communication and alumni registration in database.
      3. Work closely with SLIET Alumni Association.
      4. Support club activities and annual meets.
    5. Towards the faculty community.
      1. Promote interaction between visiting faculty and local alumni.
      2. Promote research and consultancy relationship between faculty and alumni.
      3. Promote campus and department visits by alumni.
SAA Certificate
SAA Constitutions
  1. The Names and Association shall be SLIET ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (SAA)
  2. The Registered Office of the Association shall be situated at the office of the SLIET Alumni Association, SLIET, Longowal – 148106, Dist. Sangrur, Punjab.
    1. Bylaws : The bylaws developed for governing SAA shall be governed by the Punjab Societies Registration Act, which may be modified by simple majority of the general body of SAA as deemed necessary
    2. SAA : The association of alumni of SLIET, Longowal (named as SLIET ALUMNI ASSOCIATION) registered under the Punjab Societies Registration Act as a society and has an office in the campus of SLIET, Longowal, also referred to as the ‘ASSOCIATION’
    3. Patron : The Director of Sliet, Longowal will be the patron of SAA.
    4. General Body : annual General Body consist of all alumni members, faculty and technical staff, members, honorary member and Patron of the Association
    5. Quorum : The minimum number of members required for a meeting to be conducted or a resolution to be passed.
    6. Voting : In case of failure to achieve unanimous decision, any issue can be put to voting
    7. Executive Committee (EC) : EC is the governing body elected by the General Body for the day-to-day functioning of the ‘ASSOCIATION’. Details of EC’s formation, role and functioning are described in Clause 9 of the By Laws.
    8. Communication : A process of sharing information or any information that is passed to any member or group of members of the general body using one or more written medium of communication (viz. letter, fax, Newspaper Advertisement and/or email) and is dispatched at least 20 days in advance to the most recent address/ Telephone/Fax Number/email IDs, available with SAA office, of the desired receiver or in a local daily. Communication shall be deemed to be complete as against SAA at the end of 20 days of dispatch of information/ publishing in a local daily. Any communication to the office of SAA as against a member of SAA shall be deemed to complete only after the receipt of the communication by the office.
    1. To create a world -class organization for bringing together all the alumni of the SLIET, Longowal and providing a forum for its members;
    2. To facilitate professional networking for mutual benefit in academic, professional, and/ or business area;
    3. To facilitate and encourage alumni to contribute to the Institute’s efforts for achieving excellence in academics and research through allocating/ raising funds and/ or sharing knowledge & expertise of its members in areas pertaining to academics, infrastructure, industry interactions and any other area that the alumni and the institute feel appropriate; and,
    4. To offer expertise effort and/ or financial resources to assist not-for-profit organizations dedicated to Indias’s development, and thereby contribute to the well being of the society.
    5. To help alumni help their professional goals
    6. To contribute to the Institute’s vision of being recognized among the world’s leading institutions in academics, research excellence and innovation.
    Towards achieving the above MISSION, SAA will focus on the following objectives:
    1. To enable professional networking among alumunus, among faculties, technical staffs with alumni as well as networking of existing students with alumni for mutual benefit in academic, professional and/or business areas; including employment Network for new graduates or alumni looking for career upgrade/change, and alumni displaced from workforce;
    2. To provide a platform for social interactions and special interest groups;
    3. To raise funds for the institute;